New Low Cost Hole Transporting Material for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

In this paper, highly efficient and humidity‐resistant perovskite solar cells (PSCs) using two new small molecule hole transporting materials (HTM) made from a cost‐effective precursor anthanthrone (ANT) dye are reported by Associate Prof. Sonar from QUT and his co-workers. This breakthrough paves the way for development of new inexpensive, more stable, and highly efficient ANT core based lower cost HTMs for cost‐effective, conventional, and printable PSCs.

This is reported by Hong Duc Pham, Thu Trang Do, Jinhyun Kim, Cecile Charbonneau, Sergei Manzhos, Krishna Feron, Wing Chung Tsoi, James R. Durrant, Sagar M. Jain, and Prashant Sonar in the article

The research conducted between QUT and Swansea University has been highlighted as a video abstract in Advanced Energy Materials (IF- 16.72) and this can be seen on the following portal.