Assoc Prof Vamvounis

Research summary

Assoc Prof George Vamvounis’s area of focus is in the structure-property relationship of photochromic compounds and conjugated polymers. His work based on photochromic compounds focusses on the synthesis of new functional and solution processable materials based on diarylethenes (DAEs) for light activated electronics. His work based on conjugated polymers is based on the synthesis and characterisation of new fluorescent polymers, which have wide applicability in organic optoelectronic devices

Research keywords: Conjugated polymers, photochromic compounds, sensors

Affiliation: College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University

Contact: george[dot]vamvounis[at]jcu[dot]edu[dot]au

Address: Engineering and Physical Sciences 1 Building 15, Townsville QLD 4811 Australia