Prof Jai Singh AM

Research summary

Professor Jai Singh is a condensed matter theorist with research interests in excitonic processes in condensed matter, inorganic, organic and nanostructures; designing of organic solar cells for optimal photovoltaic performance, OLEDs for optimal electroluminescence and scintillators with optimal energy resolution for nuclear medical imaging and for detection of contraband materials for homeland and border security. His work in organic solar cells includes the photophysics of organic semiconductors, photo- and electro- generation of excitons, their transport, dissociation and recombination.

Research keywords: Condensed matter theory, solar cells, organic light emitting devices, scintillators, modelling and computations

Affiliation: School of Engineering and IT, Charles Darwin University

Contact: jai[dot]singh[at]cdu[dot]edu[dot]au

Address: School of Engineering and IT, B- Purple 12, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, NT 0909, Australia