Prof Mats Andersson

Research summary

Professor Mats Andersson’s research interests are focused on structure – property relationships of organic materials. The aim with his research is to design and synthesize new conjugated polymers for efficient and stable electronics such as solar cells, photo diodes, light-emitting diodes, electrochemical devices, sensors… and to relate the chemical structure of the polymer to the device performance. His research includes material synthesis, environmentally friendly processing, morphology control, interface modifications and device fabrication.

Research keywords: polymer chemistry, organic electronics, solar cells, field effect transistors, sensors, photodiodes, organic light-emitting diodes, NIR-devices, morphology

Affiliation: Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Flinders University

Contact: mats[dot]andersson[at]flinders[dot]edu[dot]au

Address: Physical Sciences Building, room 308, Sturt Road, Bedford Park, South Australia, 5042 Australia. Mail: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, SA, 5001, Australia