Prof Ron White

Research summary

Professor Ron White’s area of focus is in modelling highly non-equilibrium charged particle transport processes in disordered systems including organic, liquid/soft-condensed and gaseous systems. This involves a suite of theoretical and computational transport modelling techniques including kinetic, continuum/macroscopic theories complemented by Monte Carlo simulation methods. Continuum models including explicit dispersive transport processes have been developed and adapted to establish new characterisation experiments for organic semiconductors and devices. In collaboration with the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics, his work has focused on the development and analysis of new experiments for characterising organic semiconductors and devices, addressing fundamental questions as to the true nature of charge transport and recombination in organic semiconductors.

Research keywords: charge transport, organic semiconductors, drift-diffusion models, Monte Carlo simulation

Affiliation: College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University

Contact: ronald[dot]white[at]jcu[dot]edu[dot]au

Address: 14.110 (Building 14; Room 110), James Cook University, Townsville Campus, 4814